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React Official Tutorial Explained – Preface

This is going to be a series of React video tutorials explaining React’s official tutorial in more detail.

What this React tutorial series is about

This is going to be a series of video tutorials explaining React’s Official Tutorial in more detail.

Why am I doing this React tutorial

I liked React from the beginning and after having built a couple of apps with it I like it even more! It is a marvelous technology for building user interfaces that gives a lot of flexibility to the developer.

After having completed the React Tutorial twice I believe that there is room for a more detailed explanation. Some parts are easy to follow but some parts need further explanation so even beginner developers can fully understand it.

Don’t get me wrong, the official tutorial is great, very comprehensive and a valuable source of knowledge and I believe it is the best tutorial to get started and learn the basic concepts of React.

My goal here is to help beginner web developers and beginner React developers understand the “tricky” parts.

React is gaining more users every day and I feel that it would be quite a shame if even one web developer felt discouraged by not being able to follow through the tutorial at some points.

How this React tutorial series is going to be released

We’ll follow the React Tutorial outline.

This means that there will be one video tutorial for every subsection of the tutorial outline.

You can find the first 4 videos already available.

The plan is to release 1 new video every week until the tutorial is fully completed.

So thank you for reading this and I hope you find the React Official Tutorial Explained videos helpful.

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